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"How to Start & Manage your Small Business"

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Table of Contents
1. Self Assessment
Self Assessment test
Characteristics of a successful entrepreneur
Skills necessary to operate your business
2. Business Planning
Getting ready for the planning process
Writing the Business Plan
-        Executive Summary
-        The Company Operating Plan
-        Manufacturing or Sourcing Plan
-        The Marketing Plan
-        The Financial Management Plan
-        Appendices
3. Government Regulations
Business Licenses, Fictitious Name Filing
Building Codes, Permits & Zoning
Workers Compensation
Employee screening
Workplace Programs
Safety and Health Regulations,
Hazardous Substance Compliance
4. People and Your Business
Independent Contractors
Outside Advisors
5. Legal Aspects
Legal Forms of Business
Sole Proprietorships, Partnerships, Corporations
Copyrights, Trademarks and Patents
6. Marketing and Advertising
Four “P’s” of Marketing
Pricing your Product or Service
Choosing a Location
Home Office and Small Office Marketing
Sample Marketing Calendar
7. Financing Basics
Financing Options
Use of Funds, Application for Funds
SBA Loan Programs
8. Risk Management
Why you need Insurance
Who sells Insurance
Types of Insurance
Questions you will be asked
Glossary of Insurance Terms
9. Record Keeping - Accounting
Types of Records and Retention Periods
Glossary of Accounting Terms
Sample Chart of Accounts
Small Business Accounting Programs - Overview
10. Financial Statements
Description and Templates of:
Sales Forecast, Profit and Loss (Income) Statement
Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Break-Even Analysis
Personal Financial Statement
11. Business Taxes
Federal, State and Local Taxes, Payroll Taxes
Overview of Returns and Payments, Due Dates
Helpful Publications from the IRS
12. Technology Uses
Buying a Business Computer
Choosing the Right Software
The Internet and your Business
13. Franchising
Overview of the Franchising System
Part I - Evaluating a Franchise
Advantages/Disadvantages of Franchising
Checklists for Franchisees
Part II - Franchising an Existing Business
14. Exporting and Importing
Planning, Preparation, Process, Financing
15. Small Business Support Organizations
SCORE Chapters and Services
SBA Entrepreneur Centers and Services
Small Business Development Centers and Services
Workforce Investment Boards and Services
Business and Trade Organizations
16. Resources by Subject
from Accounting – Workshops
17. Check List for starting a Business

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SBA - Small Business Administration