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1st Steps/How-To/Answers/Worksheets

1St Steps
pdf1st Steps to getting your Business Up & Running

pdf5 Sources of Quick Cash

pdfFunding a Business with your Retirement Account

pdfFirst Steps to Getting Your Business Up and Running

pdfRecipe for Success: Entrepreneurs

pdfStart a Business While Working Full-time

pdf12 Marketing Tips

pdf10 Collection Mistakes

pdf10 tax Tips

pdf7 Steps for Growing your Business

pdfBank loan request
pdfHow to Structure your Business – LLC, Partnership, C-Corp, S-Corp.

docxHow to - SEO Techniques

pdfWholesale Buying Guide

pdfHow to Get A Patent

pdfHow to Get Started as a Government Contractor

pdfHow to Form an Advisory Board

pdfNational Registration Recommendations

pdfBusiness Financing


pdfPlan & Prepare for Media

pdfPlan your Sales Pitch

pdfPlanning to Succeed in the New Year


pdfRequirement to Starting a Business

pdf8 steps to negotiating equipment leases

pdf10 inside Secrets to Grow a Business in Tough Times

pdf10 Ways to Supercharge your Email Marketing


pdfCrafting an Elevator Speech

pdfDo You Know How to Legally Protect your Business? 

pdfEmbrace Mobile Marketing

pdfPlanning Sales Cycles
Expert Answers
pdfExpert Answers – Financing

pdfExpert Answers – Getting Organized

pdfExpert Answers – Business Management

pdfExpert Answers – Technology Plan

pdfExpert Answers – Writing a Business Plan

xlsStartup Expenses

docxMarketing Plan

xlsFinancial Projections

xlsBalance Sheet

xlsLoan Amortization Schedule

xlsBreakeven Analysis

pdfBusiness Plan Presentation Template

pdfChecklist for Pre-Planning your Website

pdfCompetitive Analysis

Seed Round Term Sheets