Starting Running   Growing
Stage 2

The Steps

Pricing: how to price your offering
Promotion: brand & advertising
Selling: appealing to your customers
What to Consider
  • Relate pricing to value
  • How do you reach more customers?
  • What is my special offering
  • Know why customers buy?
  • What else can I offer my customers?

Buying: sources of raw materials
Managing: knowing where you stand
Competing: only the fittest survive
  • Are you the low cost producer?
  • Always look for new sources
  • Be disciplined as manager
  • Know your P&L everyday
  • Offer more than your competitors
  • Manage the details

Fixing: solving problems now
Adapting: don't be afraid to change
Changing: evolve for your customers
  • Look for ways to improve
  • Address problems immediately
  • Try new things
  • Develop new business relationships
  • Listen to your customers
SBA - Small Business Administration