SCORE is a national organization made up of over 10,000 volunteers which has been serving the small business community since 1964.

    The Oakland East Bay Chapter currently has over 40 experienced business                   executive members who serve as volunteer counselors, with experience in many industries and functions.

    If you are an experienced business owner, manager or executive, and want to counsel and teach others who are starting or improving businesses, consider  becoming a SCORE counselor.

    Apply for membership by calling (510) 273-6611 during workday       mornings. You will  be interviewed and, if accepted, trained.


Possible activities are:


SCORE offers free one-hour counseling to beginning and established small business persons by appointment. Counseling locations are at the Oakland office and at Chambers of Commerce in the cities listed on the Counseling page. Email counseling is also provided to clients who request it on the National SCORE site www.score.org

Workshop Presenting:

SCORE offers various Workshops which are presented by SCORE counselors and working professionals in specific fields.   You can be one of the presenters of these excellent low-cost workshops.

Executive and Administrative Assignments:

SCORE offers many opportunities for financial, administrative and leadership activities,
SBA - Small Business Administration